Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 month progression picture

Before After Picture
Well our 2010 cruise has come and gone faster than we imagined.  I worked hard getting in shape and hope to stay motivated with the help of my family and close friends.  As I see friends and family start to excercise and take better care of themselves it motivates me more to be an example. 
My wife Gabby sends me a text everyday with minutes ran, calories burned, and how many miles accomplished.
A co-worker of mine has been doing P90x for about a month now and its motivating to check up on each other and give each other a hard time if a day is missed.
Another Co-worker just stared the HCG diet and asked me today for P90x dvds. 
My Dad has been running and doing pushups and I know my Uncle has been running for awhile now as well. 
I have a neighbor who ran 6 miles a day even up until the day before she delivered her first baby!!!! 
I have numerous cousins who have started jogging and keeping track of miles ran and pull ups done. 
My best friend in Utah sent me a before picture and he has started his trek to better fitness and health. 
Our Cruise dinner buddies Angelina and Jason just started P90x last night
Toni, John, and their boys (friends from cruise) are starting the P90x dvds this weekend!
Thanks Colby for the Dumbells, advice, and inspiration!!! 

Thanks to everyone for the motivation!
I know everybody is different and their bodies change at different paces but I show you these pictures only as an example of what can be done if you set your mind to something and make goals for yourself. Picture in your mind what you want to look like and go for it.  It is by no means a easy task but it becomes habit once you start. I have never felt happier and I know it is because we are living healthier lives.  Why wait for a New Years Resolution.... START NOW!


Toni said...

OK! OK! SO, we have had the P90X for almost a year .. time to blow the dust off of it!! I am pushing 40.. UGH! Once I got back from vacation, my reality check BOUNCED! I am already a insulin depen.diabetic with a heart problem which I take meds for and on medication for Seizures that, luckily I haven't had for more than 15 yrs. Hubby is on major HIGH BP meds and can't get it under control! Would help if he gave up salt! Being a past marine, he is Stubborn! WOW! Typing that was a reality check bouncing!! Our teen boys are not .. UNFIT.. but could be way more in shape!

We plan on this weekend to start P90X.. Scott, you and Gabby are so sweet and fun!! Good luck and keep motivated!

Scott and Gabby said...

Awesome Toni!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you take some before pictures of you guys. If I had not taken my picture before I would deny that I ever was that out of shape. It is grueling but do the most that you can. alao tell Jon to quit being so stubborn ;)

Toni said...

LOL!! I tried to avoid pics on vaca! HA! I keep saying when I gain an extra 3 or 4 pounds .. well .. I AM getting older and really don't look TOO bad for my age, especially if I can cover it all up!! .. but those extra 4 pounds get harder to take off the closer to 40 I get!! Then I look at pics even 4 years ago when we went on the cruise last time. The extra weight makes me look more tired and well.. let's say comfortable and fluffy!! I have always been athletic, but over the past year or so .. let it go .. softball is the only thing I have kept up! We are going tonight to play volleyball with a bunch of people from church! John signed up for the men's basketball league at church! We are starting slow!

Scott and Gabby said...

Staying active is the most important part! Its awesome you guys are taking part of atheletic activities thruogh your church !!! Physical and Spirituall uplifting all in one shot. Also its important to remember its not ALL about how you look , but how it makes you feel.

Nino Recko said...

So all of you should sign up for Bodyspace account at and track your progress there! :)

Here's mine:

Scott and Gabby said...

Awesome Nino! Ill have to put my info and pics in there it seems like a pretty cool website!