Monday, October 4, 2010

Gabbys Before After

Well I am finally posting a picture of Gabbys before and after!  I am so proud of her and she is the reason I started exercising for myself in the first place.  She started working out around the beginning of 2010 and has changed drastically.  I remember back in the Spring of this year feeling bad as I was laying on the couch watching tv all Saturday.   I could hear her in the other room working out to Tony Hortons dvd Power Half Hour.  She finished her 1/2 hour workout and then started running up and down the stairs in our living room.  From this day I decided I was going to do the same as her. 
We have a pact to help encourage each other to stay healthy and stay active.  She now is just under the weight of when we first met.  She works hard and is a good influence for me.
Gabby=pure awesomeness