Thursday, May 19, 2011

Club Membership @ Beachbody!

So recently I have been asked what the benefeits of being a club member with Beachbody are over just having the free membership. Well here you are !!!!!

Your membership in the new, improved Team Beachbody Club gives you dozens of helpful, motivational, fitness-friendly features, including:
  • Access to the WOWY SuperGym online workout center, to help keep you motivated and ensure you never miss a workout again
  • The latest social-networking features, which put you in touch with the most supportive fitness community anywhere—including Workout Buddies, Workout Groups, Messaging, Chat Rooms, and Blogs
  • Your own customized meal plan to help you lose fat, build lean muscle, and power your workouts********* (MY FAVORITE!)
  • Online fitness and nutrition tools to help you reach your goals
  • An inspirational goal tracker that shows you how far you've progressed
  • An exclusive discount on Team Beachbody workout programs and nutritional supplements  ******10% DISCOUNT ON ALL PRODUCTS INCLUDING SUPPLEMENTS and WORKOUT PROGRAMS*****
  • Lots of informative articles, fitness and nutrition tips, and healthy recipes
  • Expert information and advice on the Message Boards
  • Online chats with your favorite celebrity Trainers
This is an example of how the meal planner works-  You put in your preferences and goals with weight loss and a few other things such as you height, weight, and age.  You can then go in and edit certain foods if you do not want them to show up in your planner.  Its amazing.

------Then you can click on the name of the meal/dish and another screen pops up will the recipe as well as all of the nutritional facts of the serving. 

Just this feature right here is worth the $2.99 a week in my personal opinion!  You will save money by better planning out your meals throughout the day.  Mine for example shows Shakeology in my plan because I clicked on a buton while setting it up that asks if Shakeology is part of my daily food choices.

You will love the  10% discount on your purchases and the meal planner will help you to remain eating healthy without getting bored with your meals!