Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Preparing for the Success Story Video Interview

Just over 2 weeks ago I was contacted by the Senior Manager of Testimonial and Success Story Production for Beachbody.  I was told that my transformation was AMAZING and was asked if I wanted to do my home interview in English or Spanish ( I am bi-lingual).  I opted for the first and set myself in check to prepare for the interview.  I unfortunately do not own a HD camera so they will be sending one to me.  I received my instructions and release forms saying that they may use my interview in advertising. Now what to do:
One of the instructions was to do my interview shirtless. I have been bulking for the last 4 months so the abs have been slightly covered so now comes the quick tone work.

Here is what I did.   Starting weight 178lbs.  April 18th, 2011

-I cut my calorie intake back by about 1,000 calories (from 3000 to 2000)
-I added 10-15 miles of running per week
-Added a Insanity workout in on my rest day
-Switched my workouts to the morning instead of in the evenings
-Added one hour more of sleep per night from 6 hours to 7 hours.

I dropped 15lbs and kept my weights and reps up where they were.

May 4th 2011- Current weight 162.5  lbs