Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learned my Lesson

Well I did my first night of round 3 with P90X and I learned my lesson.  I have been running and lifting for 5 months now so I thought i was in excellent shape.  I may be in great shape but I have alot of work to to.  The DVD started with Chest and Back and I went at it setting goals for each workout just like the guys on the dvd.  What do I do wrong?  I set my goals right with theirs...... on my first day. These guys do this all the time.  I did pretty good except I got done and had to stay laying down with feet elevated for over a half hour.  Each time I stood up I could feel the tunnel vision coming and I would lay down as fast as I could before fainting.  It is a intense workout and I recommend pacing yourself and taking it easy the first few times to see how much stress your body can take.