Tuesday, September 21, 2010

P90X 4 Month Pic

Well, here we are at month 4. September 20th, 2010.  Never thought I would continue so hard past the three month mark.  I push myself to exhaustion four times a week and it feels good.  I have cut my running almost in half from what I was doing the first three months.  My first 3 months were focused more on burning off the fat and building a small muscle base as well as muscle endurance.  Now that I have completed the 3 months I am eating more and lifting heavier weights.  I lift heavy weights and I lift them fast and hard so that I turn it into a cardio excercise at the same time.  I take very small breaks in between sets.  When I am doing reps I choose the weight where I can only do at the most 6-7 reps. I try to run 4 times a week for 3 miles as not to loose my running endurance.    

I was not too excited about starting round 3 of P90X on November 1st but I have decided and come to the conclusion that this will be a great way to switch up my routine and make sure that my body is not adjusting to the work-outs I am currently doing.  I am going to put 110% into the program for 90 days.